An Irish Family in the New World: Genealogy and History of the Loughrey (Loughry, Laughrea, Laughrey, Loughrea, Loughery, Laughery, Laughry) family of Canada

Une famille irlandaise dans le Nouveau Monde: généalogie et histoire de la famille Loughrey (Loughry, Laughrea, Laughrey, Loughrea, Loughery, Laughery, Laughry) du Canada
Author: Michael Laughrea, Ph.D., Montreal, grandson of John Laughrea (1860-1946) and great-grandson of Bernard Laughrea (1835-1914). Email: (Last update: 20 January 2018)
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Marie Van Laeys on 27 Sep 2013 said:
My grt grandmother was Bridget Loughrey (born 1857 in Upper Rooskey, Donegal) to Bernard Loughrey (born 1831 in Upper Rooskey to James Loughrey. Bernard Loughrey married Margaret McCaffrey abt 1850-1855 in Donegal. In the Griffiths Valuation under Raphoe Parish you will find James Loughrey, John Loughrey and an Owen Loughrey living in side bye side. In the 1901-1911 census John Loughrey was living in Scotland also a Charles Loughrey who inherited his father property (Owen Loughrey) resided in Scotland. Many of this clan (Bernard, Owen and John) had similar naming patterns for their offspring as you have listed. Also many of the sir-names occur within my clan. I know my Bernard died abt 1910 his wife 1894. Owen Loughrey died in 1888 per will listed on the proni.
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Bob on 16 Mar 2015 said:

Hi Michael, Just wanted to tell you that I had happened upon this site yesterday by accident. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this genealogy. I have been researching my maternal grandmother’s father, Michel McGee from St. Severin (Beauce). I know from a Canadian census report that his parents were Thomas and Catherine (Kate) Laughry McGee. I wish that I could find more on the McGee side, but finding the Laughrys was exciting. Thanks for all your hard work. I was wondering if some of the variations of the Laughry name could have sounded like and then written in the United States as Lowrey. Any findings on that? I will check into this site to look for updates from time to time. Take care, Bob

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your comments, and welcome in the family! Please feel free to provide me by email, or by comment on the Laughrea genealogy Web site, the info you have about your side (your siblings, parents, grandparents…). Any info you wish to add and about which you are sure, I would love to put on the Web site. 

Michael McGee was born on 1 Sep 1867. I have more info on his brothers and sisters that I will put on the Web site when I update it. I am aware of 3 children of Michael McGee but know nothing about his grandchildren. I would really like to add your branch to the family tree.

Pronunciation of the Loughrey name is Lokrey. So people called Lochrie, Lochry, Lochrey, Lockrey, and Lochray belong also to some far away branch of the Loughrey family, such as the branch of Colonel Archibald Loughry, who was killed by natives on the Ohio River, near Laughery river and Laughery island (!), in the 18th century.

I have seen Loughren or Laughren written for my grandfather John Laughrea, but Laughrens and Loughrens represent another family, just as Lowry and Lowrey represent also another family. There were Lowrys and Lowreys in the villages around S. Séverin and they were never confused with Loughreys. Most likely spellings of our name are, in rough order: Loughrey, Laughery, Loughry, Laughrey, Laughrea, Lockery, Loughery.

PS: feel free also to put your comment of the Laughrea genealogy website. This way, you increase the chances that someone with additional information would contact you and provide additional details. 

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Claude Maisonneuve on 8 Apr 2015 said:
Votre travail est un chef-d’oeuvre de documentation historique et démographique. Certaines dates, rarissimes, sont erronées. Merci pour cet excellent travail.



  1. I happened upon this site this afternoon. I am a descendant of Owen Boyce and Bridget Laughrie through Susan Boyce and James O’Connor. My cousin has sent me a picture labeled “Annie McGee Woodstock, VT”. It is a photo of a little girl standing next to a seated woman. I don’t know which one is Annie McGee. Would you like me to email it to you? I had not connected the McGee name with the Laughrie side until I saw your website.
    Joan Adorno

  2. I’m Guy Patrick Laughrea and Nicole Juliette Aird’s daughter. My grand father was Gérard Laughrea and his wife Jeanne née Doyon. Very happy to read our genealogy.

    Nice to hear from you Linda. Don’t hesitate to add details about you, Guy, Nicole, Gérard and Jeanne or whomever else. I will add them to the genealogy if you allow me. One purpose of putting my drafts online before everything is a finished product is to get feedback and help from the readers. It is often more difficult to get info on recent events than on old ones (for old ones, censuses are available, for example).